9 easy recipes for dinner in a bowl, our ideal couch meal

She declared that there are only three rules for Lap Pasta:

“1. The pasta shape has to be easy to eat, requiring only a fork, spoon or chopsticks.

2. The sauce needs to be thick enough that it clings to the noodles.

3. It must be really, really comforting and, ideally, easy to make, so you spend less time cooking and more time with the bowl of pasta in your lap.”

She recommended Pesto Penne With Chickpeas, but what if we expanded the lap pasta idea to include a wider variety of warming meals-in-bowls that you can eat all cozied up? Meals that are derived from the principles of lap pasta: easy to eat and make and a full meal in a bowl?

Below we’ve pulled some of our favorite dinners-in-bowls for casual eating, watching TV, reading your books and generally relaxing.

Bean and Barley Chili, pictured above. Chili is, perhaps, the perfect bowl-meal: warming, eaten with just a spoon, topped with whatever you’d like.

Misir Wot. You can make your own spice blend as depicted, or buy some to make this simple, spicy one-pot lentil dish. Serve with rice, eat in a bowl.

One-Pot Pasta. We, of course, had to include pasta. Make a one-pot version for even less clean up afterward.

Better Than Takeout Fried Rice. This simple dish is super adaptable! We suggest carrots, corn and peas here, but you could add in bell peppers, greens or something else more to your liking.

Kabocha Squash and Peanut Stew. This is a fan-favorite recipe for a reason: It’s so delicious and though the ingredient list looks long, it comes together quickly.

Tetrazzini. One more lap pasta for good measure! This creamy one-pot wonder was one of Daniela’s childhood favorites.

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