How to make perfect pasta salad every time: Recipes and tips

What could be better than colorful corkscrew pasta tossed with salami, cheese, olives, veggies and a garlicky, herby, lemon dressing? Not much. This is, quite possibly, the best pasta salad you will ever eat. And it’s darn pretty to look at too.

Pasta salad is great for all types of gatherings from weekday lunches to casual picnics and elegant bridal showers. Indoors and out, it’s always a welcome addition to the table. But, have you noticed that some pasta salads are distinctly better than others?

A disappointing pasta salad can be bland or overly salty, a mess of greasy noodles and mediocre vegetables. But, with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make flawless pasta salad every time.

What’s the secret to making perfect pasta salad?

Two keys to a great pasta salad are finding the right ratio of dressing to noodles and creating the right balance of add-ins.

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