The Ingredient That Will Change Your Banana Bread Forever

If you try searching for a worthy banana bread recipe with cream cheese on Google, you’ll find a million different variations of this delicious treat. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dessert, you have plenty of banana bread recipes to choose from.

There are two primary preparation methods for adding cream cheese to your recipe. The first method is to swirl a cream cheese mixture through the bread batter to create a banana bread-cheese cake fusion. The second method fully incorporates cream cheese into the batter, resulting in a creamier loaf.

Southern Living’s popular Cream Cheese-Banana-Nut Bread recipe (which can be made with or without nuts) and a recipe by Mel’s Kitchen Café recommend mixing the cream cheese directly into the bread. Recipes from Simply Recipes and Just a Taste give directions for creating the perfect swirl of cream cheese filling throughout the loaf, making more of a cheesecake brownie.

Another variation of the technique, favored by Princess Pinky Girl, includes layering the cream cheese mixture between two even pours of dough to create a cheesecake-banana bread sandwich.

Next time you’re looking to remix a classic to satisfy your sweet tooth, give this little quick bread tip a try. No matter which version of this treat you try, experts agree — you’ll never think about basic banana bread the same way again.

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