Tom Colicchio Makes 2 Quick and Easy Pasta Dinners

Celebrity chef, television personality and cookbook author Tom Colicchio is stopping by TODAY to share a couple of his favorite easy and impressive pasta recipes. He shows us how to make tender, braised beef with fresh cavatelli and meatless mushroom Bolognese pasta.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This is a great vegetarian alternative to a classic beef Bolognese. The mushrooms mimic the same rich, hearty feel of the original but, obviously, without the meat. The aromatics and fresh herbs round out the flavors to make this an exciting and satisfying pasta dish.

Braised Beef Ragu Pasta

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This is the definition of a stick-to-your-ribs dish. The toothsome cavatelli with the robust, tender meat sauce is filling, flavorful and so comforting. A kick of heat from spicy chiles, the crunch of pine nuts and touch of sweetness from raisins adds complexity and cuts through the richness.

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