Watch: This Quick And Easy Fried Rice With Burnt Chilli Garlic Will Be Ready In 15 Mins

What’s the biggest difference in authentic Chinese food and Indo-Chinese food? You guessed it right – it’s the spice level. Indians have to have lots and lots of spice in their food, because it’s just how we like it. No more justification given. So, if we make fried rice at home, it has to be spicy. But, if you are one of those, who like an extra dose of spice in everything you eat, this recipe is for you. This burnt chilli garlic fried rice will suit your palate like no other. Want to know more about it? Read on.

We found this recipe video on YouTube channel ‘Ananya Banerjee’ and were instantly amused by it. Besides burnt garlic, there is lots of burnt red chillies, and it doesn’t end here. Also added is a generous amount of red chilli paste and green chilli paste – all of it sauteed (or burnt) together. What’s even better is that the dish can be made in all of 15 minutes.

Excited to know the recipe? Here it is.

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Quick And Easy Burnt Chilli Garlic Fried Rice Recipe:

Heat oil in pan, add whole red chillies and lots of garlic. Then add green chilli paste and red chilli paste (green chillies and Kashmiri red chillies blended to make a paste, separately). Nice well.

Then add chopped onions (preferably spring onion) and ginger. Once sauteed, add your veggies. Remember not to over-cook them. Add boiled rice (or leftover rice). Add salt to taste and just a dash of sugar to balance the flavors, some soy sauce and vinegar. Mix well, and sprinkle some spring onion greens.

You can even watch the recipe video of burnt chilli garlic fried rice here:

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