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SUNBURY, Pa. (WTAJ) — March is National Frozen Food Month. Just like canned or fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables can be just as healthy and nutritious says Weis registered dietician, Melissa Logan. “They’re just as nutritionally equivalent as fresh, fresh food is picked a couple weeks before it’s ripe, it’s good to eat. But food that’s meant to be frozen is picked right at peak ripeness. All those nutrients are nice and sealed in there and you get a consistent product that way as well,” says Logan.

Melissa says one thing to look out for when you buy frozen foods is added sodium and sugar. “They have some hidden sodium saturated fat and added sugars in there, so just stick to the plan, ones. You can always check the ingredients on the label,” says Logan.

The easiest part about buying frozen veggies is the convenience says Logan. “It makes for a really easy meal prep,” says Logan. “You don’t have to buy the whole head of broccoli, wash it, cut it up, and remove all of the leaves. This way it’s all done for you.”

Melissa shared two recipes from Weis’ HealthyBites Magazine that incorporated frozen foods.

Veggie-Waffle Fry Nachos – feature frozen sweet potato waffle fries, frozen chopped peppers and onions, and frozen corn as our stars for this recipe, along with some other tasty toppings that you may commonly have in your pantry and refrigerator. It’s also very kid friendly!

Thai Red Curry Shrimp and Edamame Stir-Fry – frozen shrimp and frozen edamame. This is a very simple to make meal, with only 6 ingredients, and it cooks up in under 30 minutes.

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For more details on frozen food month and to have access to more recipes, check out Weis’ HealthyBites Magazine or visit their website here.


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